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Hungry 4 More came about by a love of fresh food and cooking. It’s all about the food.

I first knew Dan was a chef when I went to his house for a Saturday football game barbecue. He had said he was making a chili. Now I used to participate in chili cook-offs many years ago so I’m a little bit of a chili snob. A proper chili has no ingredients that come from a can. Dan’s chili was excellent to say the least. From there on, Dan and I would discuss cooking techniques, ingredients and recipes. We would frequently hang out a lot and love to watch Top Chef, Iron Chef America, No Reservations and other cooking oriented shows collecting ideas. I would come up with an idea for a meal and make it then invite Dan over to critique it. Soon Dan’s girlfriend Erin started joining us. It was very apparent that she was a chef in her own right. So now we have a standing dinner party on Thursday nights. We cook, we eat, we enjoy, and now we are sharing those experiences, ideas, and recipes with you.

I started posting my more interesting dinner dishes on Facebook. Soon there were several people requesting the recipes. I began to post the recipes as Facebook notes, but this was an awkward way of distributing the recipes. Therefore, Dan, Erin and I came up with the idea of blogging out thoughts as the 4 chefs. “Who’s the forth chef?” you ask. It’s you we graciously accept contributions from Guest Chefs.

I hope this blog produces some great food for each person that decides to take a stroll through it’s pages.

Bon App├ętit!

Chef Stacy (a.k.a. 3Monkeys)

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  • By Stephanie, 2009/03/31 @ 7:12 PM

    Wow! Awesome Stacey! Will definitely come back…Those shrimps look succulent and juicy… I’m talkin’ about the picture at the top of course…hehehe…Will try to contribute some of mine…hmmmm…I have to start writing them down now…lol

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