Jucy Lucy Made Easy!!!

Williams-Sonoma's Stuffed Hamburger Press

 Williams-Sonoma is selling this inexpensive device for $12, and it’s just perfect for creating the mouthwatering Jucy Lucy!  Doing them by hand can be a little tricky but this little burger press will help you estimate how much beef to add.   The press will seal the two meat patties together so that none of the ingredients tumble out, and that’s a plus if you’ve ever tried making Jucy Lucy’s yourself.  For me, it’s a plus to have round burgers instead of flying saucers of all shapes and sizes!!!  Flying saucer burgers didn’t have a good seal, and so, had devastating endings on the grill.

While you’re creating the perfect JL burger, check out Chef Stacy’s Jucy Lucy recipe!  Believe me when I say that anyone who has had Stacy’s JL burger considered it the best burger they’ve ever eaten.  Give it a try and let us know how you like it!

Texas Style Jucy Lucy

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