Cat Cora and Wife Jennifer both Pregnant

Iron Chef’s Cat Cora is expecting her third–and fourth–sons! Cat will give birth three months after her wife, Jennifer Cora, 37. Their four children have the same sperm donor.  Cat says,” Jennifer carried my embryo and I carried hers. It’s like surrogating, but obviously all of our kids are equal.

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  • By Valerie, 2009/03/29 @ 3:48 AM

    Maybe the octomom and her brood can go visit.
    It’s a good thing children don’t need fathers in their lives. I wonder if their sons will grow up to be as insignificant as their absent dads….

  • By David, 2009/03/29 @ 4:40 AM

    Valerie, what matters to kids is having parents who love them and support them. I have no clue whether the sperm donor (and it’s a single donor, as clearly mentioned in the article — dad, not dads — which makes me wonder about your reading comprehension) is going to be a part of their life, but it doesn’t necessarily matter. Do you believe that a kid from a traditional family with one or two screwed up parents is better off than a kid from an untraditional family with two loving and supportive parents? If so, you’re wrong. I deal with kids every day, from two mommy, two daddy, single parent, and traditional households, and the thing that matters is not gender, but the dynamic in the household.

  • By Valerie, 2009/03/30 @ 12:12 AM

    I was including the octomom in my comments – I truly doubt her sperm donor is the same little man used by Cat and Company.

    But I’m sure it would be just fine with you if it was the same mystery donor for all of the children of these three women. As long as he loves to jerk off and make babies for whom he bears no responsibility we all should just be happy for him. Love is love, whether it is for the same sex or our unknown children or spanking the ….

    Oops, sorry Stacy, I almost said monkey.

    I am a widow with four sons by the same husband, who passed away when they were aged 7 – 15, leaving me to raise them by myself. I know enough different family dynamics firsthand to form a valid opinion. The ideal environment for raising children is provided by a stable male father and a stable female mother living together, and any other situation is less than the best.

    My reading comprehension is just fine. Thank you for your concern, David.

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